Undergraduate Students

Saint Michael's College

  • Nominations of students to Mu Sigma Rho, national honor society for statistics: 5 students in 2020, 5 in 2021, and 9 in 2022. (Mu Sigma Rho at SMC)

  • Summer REU with Seamus Stein (SMC Trustee’s Summer funding) and Kevin Russell (Vermont NASA Space Grant funding), June 6 - July 29, 2022; Causation in philosophy and statistics

  • Senior seminar, MA/ST/DS 410, with eight students, * = presented as Academic Symposium

  1. Maggie Burnham – Statistical Learning in R (with application to Physician Sunshine Act data)*

  2. Rebecca Parmentier – Matrix theory and linear regression*

  3. Sophie Ward – Trophic modeling (with application to Predator-Prey relationships)

  4. Frederick Danizio – Deep learning and text analysis (with application to Seinfeld)*

  5. Liam Cashman – Cryptanalysis

  6. Paige Fleming – Neural networks (with simulations)*

  7. Zhongyuan Tong – Pseudo random numbers

  8. Eli Rankin – Polynomial rings and high school algebra*

  • DS 495 honors thesis in Data Science with Paige Fleming on Neural Networks, 2022

  • Senior seminar advising, 2021, Abigail Dirks (The math behind collecting MRI data and creating images)

  • DS 495 honors thesis in Data Science with Conner Lorenz, "Data Visualizations: How to quickly impact a message", 2021

  • VBRN research with Daniel Fortier, Conner Lorenz, and Daniel Mallory, Missing Data Methods in Dental Research Data Sets, 2020-21; Summer REU

  • MA 490 Readings and Research, spring 2018

  1. Sophie Adams, Modeling Extreme Weather

  2. Jessica Greene, Airline Scheduling Problems

  3. Rebecca Rouleau, Enhancement of Models for Chestnut Tree Growth

  4. Brenna Smith, Logistic Regression to Predict Heritage Circle Membership (at SMC)

  5. Harrison Southworth, Impact of All Star Game on Players in Baseball

  • MA 410 Senior Seminar advising, 2018, Ryan Packer, “An in-depth look at pace of play and comebacks in the NBA and the Gauss Markov Theorem”

Iowa State University

  • Martinek, Chris, and Owais, Aatekah, summer undergraduate interns, ISU, summer 2005, co-advised with Frederick O. Lorenz. Primary advisor to Ms. Owais.

  • Elsbernd, Katie. Student in statistics 341, fall of 2004. Recommended for ISU summer NSF VIGRE research experience (2005). Recommended for JPSM summer fellow program (2006).

  • Kyle Hewitt, summer undergraduate VIGRE intern, ISU, summer 2004. Attending graduate program in statistics at ISU, fall 2005.

  • David Faden, enrolled in Statistics 341, spring 2005, informal summer undergraduate advisee, ISU, summer 2005. Attending ISU graduate statistics, fall 2005.

The University of Chicago

  • Kenichi Okamoto, The University of Chicago, spring 2003, reading and simulation relating to species extinction and Poisson processes. Honors paper.

Harvard University

  • Heath Hohwald, Undergraduate Honors Thesis advisor (with John Barnard) in Applied Mathematics, Harvard University, spring 1998, “Grouping the U.S. Equity Industries Into Sectors Using Hierarchical Agglomeration, Random Relocation, and Model-Based Bayesian Cluster Analysis.”