Statistical Consulting

I have over 25 years experience in statistical collaboration and consulting and am open to new projects. My strengths include

  • my reputation and resume,

  • strong communication, editing, and writing skills, and

  • statistical expertise and experience.

I have consulted with several government agencies, for many companies, with scholars in diverse fields, and on legal issues.

Email: mlarsen AT smcvt DOT edu.

Alternate: mlarsen005 AT gmail DOT com.

I look forward to hearing from you today!

Consulting Roles

There are many possible ways that I can be involved in consulting projects. Here are some suggestions. I am glad to discuss options that fit your needs.

  • Expert review of statistical documents

  • Expert review of data analysis reports

  • Proposal preparation, especially writing about statistical methods

  • Evaluation or creation of a survey design and sample allocation

  • Comparison of survey sampling design options through theory and simulation

  • Technical review/advice/editorial role on a involving statistical methods and analysis

  • Technical review/advice/editorial role on a presentation involving statistical methods and analysis

  • Technical expert panel member

  • Advisory role for data analysis/statistical analysis and reporting

  • Review of data visualizations and summaries of statistical analyses for a broad audience

  • Examination of statistical capabilities of online data servers and statistical analysis engines

  • Design, review, and implementation of confidentiality and disclosure control/prevention methods

  • Record linkage (probabilistic linkage, data fusion): review of practice, development of methods for new applications

  • Deduplication methodology: review of methods and results and/or development of methods to be tested

  • Review or development of methods for statistical matching

  • Surveys: design, sample allocation, stratification, sample selection, survey weighting, nonresponse adjustment, post stratification, and survey analysis)

  • General survey and statistical consulting