Consulting topics

My primary areas of consulting have emphasized

  • surveys (design, sample allocation, stratification, sample selection, survey weighting, nonresponse adjustment, post stratification, and survey analysis)

  • data analysis from simple to complex in a variety of applications

  • statistical analysis, statistical inference, statistical modeling

  • missing data (nonresponse adjustment, imputation, multiple imputation, sensitivity analysis)

  • record linkage (deterministic and probabilistic linkage of files)

  • confidentiality and disclosure limitation/protection

  • synthetic data generation, data masking, noise perturbation

This list is not exhaustive, and I am open to new opportunities!

Statistical Interests

My primary statistical interests include

  • Surveys: design, sampling, sample allocation, stratification, weighting, nonresponse adjustment, variance estimation, analysis

  • Record Linkage

  • Confidentiality

  • Synthetic Data

  • Administrative Data

  • Missing Data

  • Mixture Models

  • Complex Statistical Problems

  • Teaching Statistics

  • Legal Statistics

  • Expert Reviews

  • Data Analysis and Data Science

  • Collaboration and Statistical Consulting